Meet the Team

We asked everyone what their unique differentiating factor (UDF) is. This is what they said…

Hester Robinson

What’s my UDF? Mmm… Only one?
Just kidding! I’d say it’s probably my wide and well-connected network in the industry. And genuinely fostering close relationships with them. My background also gives me a unique perspective, which allows me to see solutions that are creative and resourceful.

Rika Grundlingh
Managing Director

Nothing escapes my eagle eye. From missing facts and figures on an invoice, to the well-being of every single staff member. As a founding member of Mustard Seed, my innate understanding of the business keeps the agency flying high and reaching for new heights.

Wes Figaji
Business Resources Director

Facts, figures, rules, guidelines, ethics.
I fear no legalities.
Ts & Cs apply.


Edirn Altern
Creative Director

Balance. Between imagination and logic. Between right brain and left brain. My yin and yang. Throw in some big idea thinking, writing and art direction skills and the scale tips towards creative. But more importantly, balance brings calm which is good for Studio.

Leanne Nell
Operations Director

I’m committed to the core. In it for the long haul. Whether it’s training, sales, client satisfaction, or ensuring that every promo is unique – I do it with gusto and a smile!

Amori van Zyl
Business Development Director

All hail the queen of potential realised! I have a passion for seeing opportunities. And if they’re nowhere around, I have a knack for making them appear.

Tanja Gerber
Strategic Marketing Director

I find beauty in data. I even dream in graphs. By creatively connecting the dots, facts and stats, a strategic solution slowly reveals itself – and this leads to some wonderful insights into consumer behaviour. I may seem quiet on the outside, but I’m constantly solving puzzles on the inside.

Natasha Marais
Studio Manager

Systematic and detailed. Leaves no stone unturned. Or rather, no brief! Possesses a cool head of togetherness that not only keeps the workflow organised, but also makes for happy clients and staff. Bluetooth high-five!

Werner Marais
Copy Chief

Gentle giant. That’s how people see me based on my physique and character, and it shines through in my approach to advertising. ‘Gentle’ is the way I handle every brief – slowly, meticulously, exploring all creative options. ‘Giant’ refers to my philosophy on idea generation – the big idea is always king!

Sunandi de Wet
Brand & Social Media Strategist

I have a mind for digital and a heart for people. Because, I believe that digital can’t do it all. There’s no substitute for honest, compassionate marketing that understands and embraces human nature.

Mariolize Mulder
Production Manager

I’m the woman with a plan. I believe in order & process, because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Whatever our studio and clients dream up, I ensure that it gets done – beautifully! My secret? I always keep a cool head with work hot off the press.

Marlene Oosthuizen
Financial Manager

The world of finance is an intense one. What sets my unique contribution apart is the immense passion with which I tackle and conquer each financial challenge.

Marika Perold
Human Resources Manager

People skills. As an HR specialist, I don’t just manage the talent and skill of our seedlings,
I also keep an eye on the melting pot of cultures, where every individual brings
their own flavour. It’s my job to blend all of these personalities together, so the cream can rise to the top – good thing I love cooking!

Salome Erasmus
National Sales Manager

My motto in life is to enjoy a #LifeWorthLiving. Connecting with people through our amazing exhibitions make every day a rewarding experience. I believe I have the power to make a significant difference. It’s how we engage with communities locally, that help us succeed nationally.