Art Director Lynél Visser and Senior Copywriter Jana Ferreira discuss their latest brain-child: the revamped website and subsequent mini brand refresh for Mustard Seed.

The main goal for the new website was to create a streamlined yet striking visual journey that speaks to our creative abilities as an agency. The site needed to undergo drastic cuts in the amount of copy, a total layout overhaul, and a significant boost in graphics and movement to bring it up to date with what’s trending today.

The previous website, although beautiful in its own right, wasn’t showcasing our impressive capabilities from the first point of contact. With UX high on the priority list this time around, we also did away with numerous tabs and sub-menus and opted for one continuous scrolling page that takes the viewer down a simplified yet exciting path.

Our website now welcomes the viewer with a showreel that offers a sneak peek of what we do at Mustard Seed before diving deeper into who we are and our plethora of services as you scroll. An in-depth portfolio can also be viewed at leisure later on.

Mustard Seed’s collateral has always been identified by its signature yellow-green hue. When it came to creating the new layout for the website it quickly became apparent that a brand identity tweak was needed to create a more vibrant look and feel.

Lynél introduced navy blue and paradise pink as complementary colours to replace the previous monochrome treatment with a more dynamic execution. The pink hue has also been included in the dot of the Mustard Seed logo to pay subtle homage to the fact that we’re a predominantly female-led company.

The overall look and feel celebrates minimalism, which is a major trend for 2021 and a style that has longevity with a timeless sense of understated yet bold elements. Geometric shapes, empty lines and colour blocking are also trending this year and have been incorporated in the icons and uncomplicated sans serif fonts.

The introduction of horizontally scrolling sections adds an element of surprise as can be seen in the “meet the cultivators” section, which also incorporates geometric shapes and colour blocking.

In terms of copy and tone of voice, a punchy yet conversational, light-hearted tone has been adopted to reflect that we’re a confident top tier agency, all the while maintaining our authenticity and showing we always value a touch of humour. Gone are the long-winded paragraphs about our prowess, now having been replaced by visual representations that show instead of telling.

We invite you to visit our refreshed website at and see for yourself what Mustard Seed is all about.

Written by Jana Ferreira & Lynél Visser

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